Analysis of Crab Walking Mechanism


This is a CAD model of the hexabug walking mechanism. You can tell from the trace path of the tips of the legs that this mechanism is very inefficient. Due to its rounded path, the tip of the foot only touches the ground for a very brief part of its movement. Compare this to the trace path of the Theo Jansen Strandbeest mechanism.


The foot stays on the ground for a much longer portion of its motion. One issue with to Strandbeest mechanisn is that it will only work on flat surfaces. The foot doesn’t lift far enough off the ground to step over uneven ground, which works well enough for the windy beeches which they were designed to operate on.


This is the Klann Linkage, a mechanism inspired by the movements of spider legs. It may not be as efficient as the Theo Jansen mechanism, but it lifts the foot high off the ground before putting it down. This means that the Klann Linkage can step up onto or over objects in its path.


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