Robotic Crab – Transporting Toy


The final project of Design Nature is to design and build a bio inspired toy and game for fourth graders that transports something. The motion of the toy must mimic that of the chosen animal. I was on a team of five, and this is the CAD of our final prototype.



It is run with two servos, hacked so that they can turn continuously. I was in charge of getting all the electronics to work. Soldering the correct connecter to the battery pack, figuring out the different channels of the receiver, and pairing the receiver with the the transmitter.


I was also solely responsible for giving our crab a shell, which I vacuum formed out of plastic.  I made the mold for the vacuum form by hand. I glued some scrap blocks of wood together, and sanded them down to the desired shape before screwing it into the base for vacuum forming.