REVO (Research of Electric Vehicles at Olin) is a club dedicated to building cool electric vehicles. This is me in our electric go-cart. With the throttle limed at 60% we were reaching speeds of approximately 45 mph in the parking lots on campus. Check out some of the other projects the team is working on at or on our Facebook page

As a freshman member of the Powertrain team, I played a critical role in the battery box design for our dual sport reverse trike. I was involved in the prototyping of our motor controller circuit. I also enjoyed the fabrication of our go-kart.



As a sophomore, I became the subteam leader of Powertrain. I oversaw the design and fabrication of our motor controller, BMS, and charger.



As a junior, I am now one of the more experienced engineers on the team, which puts me in somewhat of a mentorship role. It also gives me the liberty to pursue some of the projects I have been wanting to for a while. Current projects (on the Formula Electric car) include revamping the CAN system (programming in C) to talk with the Sevcon motor controllers, and making sure that everything we do will pass tech inspection (reading rules, systems level thinking). I’m most excited about using the network of sensors on the car to develop traction control and torque vectoring, but the first priority is getting the car to run reliably.